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 I love colour! When I was but a young gypsy girl moving from town to town with my posse of friends, back in the times when everything I owned fit into my beloved 1976 Chevette, I would spend hours making hemp jewelry and painting flower pots. I always wished that I had a talent for drawing (and singing), but try as I might, I have been drawing the same darn tree for 30 years now, and it isn't pretty. 


When I moved to Powell River in the summer of 2017, I took up painting terra cotta plant pots for the first time in several years. But the hairs on the back of my neck tingled when I saw what my long time friend, Tatiana Kostiak of The Fiddleback Shack had gotten in to; creating beautiful pieces of reimagined furniture with milk paint. The possibility of being creative with colour and paint, without the need to have drawing or sketching skills really excited me. I learned from the best when Tatiana taught me how to refinish my coffee table, and now I'm flying on my own.


I am deeply inspired by nature and love vibrant colours, and my work reflects this. I have used a mix of milk paint and chalk paint to create my pieces in the past but currently use exclusively milk paint. It is such a charming paint that brings out the best in the wood's grain, whereas chalk paint just covers everything up. Each piece that I refinish, tells me what colour it wants to be... really, it does! I use wax, hemp oil, or varnish to finish, depending on the primary use for the furniture piece.


Of course, I am still painting plant pots...  Every plant deserves to have a happy colourful home! Come on down to the Townsite Market and see what I've been up to!